Massey Electric is proud to be an authorized dealer for Gemstone Lights! Gemstone offers customizable, permanent year-round, app controlled light solutions. Their industry-leading Smart lights seamlessly blend into your soffit and facia during the day and come alive with vibrant illumination at night. Whether you’re marking your favourite holiday or simply seeking architectural enhancement, Gemstone Lights can be tailored to display any colour, pattern or mood you desire!


Transform your property with Gemstone’s architectural lighting options, replacing traditional pot or can lights with a permanent Smart Light track system. Their diverse range of styles from sleek and modern to warm and inviting caters to every aesthetic preference. Elevate your residential or commercial space with Gemstone’s architectural lighting, and discover the endless possibilities of illuminating your environment in style!


Say goodbye to the annual hassle of hanging and removing Christmas lights and embrace year-round celebrations with permanent holiday lighting solutions. Gemstone’s extensive selection of colours and patterns allows you to commemorate any holiday or season from Halloween to Canada Day and everything in between. With Gemstone Lights installed by Massey Electric infuse your home with festive spirit, and bring a touch of enchantment every occasion!